Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stop Pretending- My first review

"We hold our breath until the doors slide open..."
Stop Pretending by Sonya Sones

~Grade and Rating~
characters 9/10
uniqueness 8/10
plot 10/10
well developed 9/10
36/40= 90%

language 10/10
sexual content 10/10
violence 8/10
darkness 7/10

~Back Cover clip~
Stop Pretending.
Right this minute.
I'm your sister.
Don't you tell me
you don't know me.

~My Thoughts~
This author, Sonya Sones, is my favorite author. All of her novels have been amazing and this one was not a let down! In my opinion it was to short and very hard to set down. Can you say read a book in one night?! My sister also thought it was good although I don't know if she reviewed it. When I asked her she said it wasn't her favorite but definitely the most youth friendly of Sonya's novels.

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